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microchippingWe all hate even the thought of our pet getting lost from us, but it does happen, and it is best to have all precautions in place to get your pet to get back to you and your family as quickly as possible. The benefit of micro chipping is your pet has the chip 24/7. The problem you can run into with collar and ID tags is that the pet is not always wearing them or they may wear off.

Placing a microchip just takes seconds, it is quick injection underneath their skin, and it is placed. The microchip itself is about the size of a grain of rice. It is then registered to Home Again, where they will keep all your contact information. If your pet were to ever be lost, all veterinary clinics and shelters have a microchip scanner. They would scan your chip and it would enable them to contact Home Again, and they would contact you that your pet has been recovered.
To learn more about Home Again please visit: http://public.homeagain.com/