Pet Dentistry in Reno, NV

Ensure your pet’s dental health with thorough cleanings under anesthesia—expert care from evaluation to recovery.

Pet Dentistry

Having an annual dental cleaning performed on your pet is a great way to prevent bad breath, gum disease, tooth loss, tooth disease, and a painful mouth. We take precautionary measures for your pet’s health before dental cleanings by performing a thorough physical exam and pre-anesthetic lab work to ensure they are healthy inside and out.

vet checking dog teeth

A dental cleaning is performed on your pet while under anesthesia. While your pet is under anesthesia, they are monitored constantly by a dedicated veterinary technician. Manual and electronic monitoring devices keep track of your pet’s heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, circulation, and temperature. Dentals are performed quickly and efficiently to ensure your pet is under anesthesia for the least time possible.

The purpose of a dental cleaning while under anesthesia is to remove all of the calculus that has built up on the far back teeth, between the teeth, and below the gum line with an ultrasonic scaler (the same as in human dental cleanings).

While they are under anesthesia, we can take a closer look at what is causing teeth to be painful, why they have gingivitis, and any other abnormalities that may be occurring. This also enables us to take radiographs (x-rays) of the problem teeth if warranted. If the radiograph reveals disease below the gum line along the root, your veterinarian will inform you of this and discuss the options with you. Removing the affected tooth will be an option if the tooth is diseased; although this might be scary to you as an owner, it is very beneficial to your pet because this tooth can no longer cause pain. Although we as humans cherish our teeth for the purpose of speaking and taking photographs, pets get along just fine without them.

Once the calculus is removed and any issues have been addressed, your pet’s teeth will be polished, and your pet will be woken up. They recover in a quiet, well-padded, and well-monitored area of the hospital, which allows them to wake up in a comfortable setting.