Pet Laboratory in Reno, NV

Swift and accurate pet diagnostic testing in Reno, NV. Trust our in-house laboratory for your pet’s health needs!

Pet Laboratory

Welcome to Animal Medical Center of Reno‘s in-house pet laboratory, your trusted destination for comprehensive pet diagnostics in Reno, NV.

a vet petting a cat

In-House Diagnostic Services

Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped to perform diagnostic tests, including hematology, chemistry, urinalysis, cultures, and cytology. With these essential tools at our disposal, we can swiftly assess your pet’s health and determine the most appropriate course of action.

Rapid “Snap Tests” for Key Health Indicators

We offer in-house “Snap Tests” to rapidly detect crucial health markers such as heartworm, pancreatitis, and parvovirus. These tests enable us to promptly identify potential issues and initiate treatment without delay, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your pet.

Prompt Results, Timely Treatment

Our commitment to efficiency means that you’ll receive fast and accurate results from our laboratory, allowing our veterinarians to begin treatment as soon as possible. With minimal wait times, you can know that your pet is in good hands.

Collaborative Partnership with Idexx

Together with our internal resources, we work with Idexx, a top supplier of veterinary diagnostic services. Thanks to this agreement, we can now access a wide range of standard and specialized testing, which improves our capacity to provide your beloved friends with the best care possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • Convenience: Our in-house laboratory offers quick turnaround times and hassle-free communication, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for you and your pet.
  • Accuracy: Our diagnostic testing is performed with the utmost accuracy, thanks to our skilled staff and modern technology.
  • Comprehensive Care: From routine screenings to advanced diagnostics, we can handle all your pet’s needs under one roof.
  • Peace of Mind: Your pet’s health and well-being are our top priorities, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure they receive the care they deserve.

Schedule Your Pet’s Diagnostic Testing Today

Take the first step towards ensuring your pet’s health and happiness by scheduling diagnostic testing at the pet laboratory at the Animal Medical Center of Reno. Contact us today to book an appointment and discover the difference our expertise can make in your pet’s life. We look forward to serving you and your furry family members!