Pet Vaccination in Reno, NV

Ensure your pet’s health with timely vaccinations against potentially fatal viruses. Learn about essential shots and schedules now.

Puppy Vaccinations

When puppies are born, they receive their first milk, which is called colostrum, from their mother. This colostrum is rich in antibodies that are geared to help the puppy fight off many illnesses and build immunity during the time they are in the care of their mother. Around 6-8 weeks, these maternal antibodies begin to fade away, making the puppy susceptible to other diseases. This is when your puppy gets introduced to the clinic for vaccines. The vaccination schedule for your puppy begins around six to eight weeks of age.

puppy at the vet

One of the core vaccinations for your puppy is Distemper/Adenovirus 2/Parvovirus/Para influenza (DA2PP). This vaccine will help begin immunity against these deadly viruses. Kennel cough, Bordetella, is also given to your puppy at this time. This vaccine helps protect your puppy from a respiratory illness passed from dog to dog and is given every 6 months after this initial vaccination.

Once this initial meet-and-greet is performed at the clinic, we will see your puppy back for another round of DAPP shots at the age of 10-12 weeks. At 14-16 weeks, your puppy will have another DAPP shot and receive its rabies vaccination.

Your puppy will begin to develop immunity to these viruses after the first vaccination, but each vaccination after that ensures a stronger and more protected immunity. By the time your puppy is 18 months old, they will begin to get vaccinated every 3 years. Until your puppy has been through their entire vaccine schedule, they should not be around other dogs with unknown vaccine history (dog parks!).

  • Canine: Distemper/Parvo/Parainfluenza; Rabies; Influenza, Bordetella, Lepto
  • Feline: Upper Respiratory Combo, Rabies, Feline Leukemia


  • Ferret: Rabies and Distemper