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Dr. Darrin Lewellen, DVM

I was born and raised in Plainview, TX, a small farm town in the Texas panhandle. My upbringing instilled in me a strong work ethic and a sense of ingenuity while being practical. I have had a love for working with animals since childhood which inspired me to become their ultimate caretaker, a veterinarian. I studied at Texas A&M University as a biomedical science major. I did not receive a bachelor's degree, as I was fortunate enough to become part of the class of 2000 at the College of Veterinary Medicine after completing the prerequisites. During veterinary school, I tracked mixed animal with and emphasis on exotic medicine, which gave me a broad understanding of many species of animal. Throughout the last twenty plus years of practice, I have developed a unique combination of skills and passions for small animal internal medicine, soft tissue and some orthopedic surgeries, dentistry, dermatology, avian and exotic medicine, and animal behavior.

I’m a extroverted, fun, and goofy guy that is always ready and willing to teach what I’ve learned in my career. My communication style is direct and to the point, but I also love to make jokes, and I’m a master of “Dad Puns.” In my free time away from the hospital, I enjoy golfing, snowboarding, and enjoying the outdoors with my family. I also enjoy practicing and producing music, watching sports, and binge watch the latest TV series.